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Botany and Gardening Tips and Trivia

I have so many things I want to share with my soon to have weeditandreap fans. I have such earth shattering hot gardening tips to pass on to my future loyal fans, and future paying customers (those lacking a green thumb or those that don't want to spend the time but want to spend the green for a glorious, green and original garden) that I must share them with somebody, anybody, and you are the chosen recipient of the day!!

One hot tip, fresh from my "Soil" class (not to be mistaken with the "laser" gun, thankyou Andrew) at lowly Algonquin College, is that although peat is a very good thing to have in your garden and it is a "renewable resource" it takes a hell of a long time to produce. We have to dig up bogs which have been" bogging" for many, many years, therefore destroying a one hundred year old or more bog and ecosystem. Not too good for anybody, including the thousands of bog organisims which die or take years and years to recuperate from such human imposed violence (only to be violated again and again in the distant future.) We at have a simple solution - buy alfalfa pellets, it does the same thing that peat does for your garden, it is natural, organic, it helps Canadian Farmers, for half the cost. Eight bucks for a HUGE BAG, and don't forget that the pellets, when wet, swell up to four times the size of the original wee pellet.

My other hot tip for today is that at the turn of the last century, not the y2k one, the one before, we didn't need to add Nitrogen (N), Phosphate (P) or Potasium (K.) North America still had plenty in its soil. Today we have to add these elements to the soil to grow our crops, even a tomato plant in a balcony planter. Interestingly enough, N went first, followed by P and finally K... and that is also the order in
which they are listed on a bag of fertilizer. Cool or what?! Inquiring gardeners want to know!


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